About Us

Jack Tipsword

Mr. Tipsword is a software consultant/programmer with a focus on sales and production automation. Based in Atlanta he has assisted local, national and multinational corporations in modernizing both their sales and production processes through the use of innovative custom designed software applications.

Since receiving his MBA in 1992, Mr. Tipsword has been the owner of Impact Software Consulting Services, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. As a programmer his specialties include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Access. Working with a team of highly qualified and multi-disciplined programmers they have developed tools and/or hold patents for applications that include:

A customized enterprise incident management system for the cruise line industry.
Customized customer relationship management systems for the healthcare industry and those seeking to do business in healthcare
Pharmacy management applications to include the TabSafe Medication Management System. (Patent Granted)
STARTool – A time and motion application that utilizes handheld PC’s running the Microsoft Windows CE operating system to fully automate time and motion studies. (Patent Granted)
Billian’s HealthDATA website http://www.billiansonline.com. A subscription based website where users can search for detailed information on over 45,000 US based healthcare facilities and their employees and services.

Clients include: From Fortune 50 companies to medium-sized companies.