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Jonathan Gordon

In December, 2001, Mr. Jonathan Gordon retired from the Atlanta Police Department as Deputy Chief of Police in command of the Technical Services Division (TSD).  TSD subordinate commands included:

Mr. Gordon was the Atlanta Police Department’s lead planner for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and deputy commander for Olympic security operations.  He also chaired the interagency committee charged with managing the development of the Olympic Master Security Plan.  Additionally, he is an experienced investigator having spent seven years of his career as a homicide detective.

Mr. Gordon has conducted training seminars, lectured, and consulted.

Upon retirement from the Atlanta Police Department, Mr. Gordon was hired to be the CEO for a startup software company. The company’s software product was used by the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City, Utah to support critical infrastructure protection at all of the Olympic venues. 

Mr. Gordon specializes in:

Mr. Gordon holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Brennau College and a Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University.