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Michael Sherberger

Mr. Sherberger has held positions of significant responsibility within the government of the State of Georgia.  Between March, 2003, and January, 2006, he was Director, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security/Georgia Emergency Management Agency.  In that position he was responsible for overall direction, management and operations of the Office of Homeland Security and Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).  He served as Executive Commander of the Homeland Security Central Command, the State’s unified command authority for coordinating counter-terrorism activities, including all major prevention, planning, response and recovery actions, and as Chairman of the State’s Homeland Security Task Force.  He implemented Presidential Decision Directives and carried out joint state-federal counter-terrorism initiatives in coordination with Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation initiatives.  He oversaw development and implementation of the State’s Homeland Security grants program in allocating over $155M to enhance capability of state and local government public safety agencies, including build-out of statewide interoperable communications system, establishment of State’s intelligence fusion center, development and execution of prevention, response and recovery plans, and he oversaw the State’s disaster preparedness system consistent with federal requirements and local governments’ needs. 

He has served as the State’s liaison with Business Executives for National Security; served as a member of the State’s unified command structure for the G-8 Summit, with command and control of consequence management activities; and, as the State Coordinating Officer, led Georgia’s response and recovery activities during three Presidentially declared disasters.
He also has served as senior advisor at the Center for Disease Control in the Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness in heightening CDC’s physical security profile and acted as liaison with federal and state Departments of Homeland Security.

As Assistant Director, GEMA, between 1991 and 2002, he was responsible for coordinating and implementing overall management and human resource activities of the Agency, and served as staff leader during disaster response and recovery operations.

During that period he also served as Venue Commander of the State Operations Center during the 1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games that were held in Atlanta.

During the period between 1981 and 1991, Mr. Sherberger was Assistant Director, Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  In that position he was responsible for coordinating and implementing overall management and human resource activities of the Division, where he established a technical assistance program providing consultancy services to local governments. 
He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has a Master’s degree from Georgia State University.  He has done post graduate work at Tulane University, as well.            

Professional Activities/Awards:
Distinguished Alumni Award, Georgia State University
Chairman, National Homeland Security Consortium
Chairman, Terrorism Committee, NEMA
Chairman, Emergency Management Assistance Compact Committee
Member Homeland Security Advisory Council, National Governors’ Association
Member of Governor’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Adjunct Faculty Member, Georgia State University
Top Secret Security Clearance