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about us

Company Profile

IntelliQuest Consulting Inc. was founded in 1995 and provides a wide range of services to diverse clientele of corporations and institutions, financial intermediaries, law firms, private individuals, public utilities services, and federal and state governmental agencies. IntelliQuest Consulting Inc. provides professional investigative and security services both nationally and internationally.

In 2012, after a fifteen year association of the companies, IntelliQuest Consulting Inc. and Johnson, Maples & Associates Inc. completed a merger/acquisition that allowed IntelliQuest Consulting, Inc. to become the surviving entity. This merger/acquisition has expanded the number of services provided by the companies at the same time allowing clients to continue working with the same associates they have become accustomed to working with for the last seventeen years.

IntelliQuest Consulting, Inc. provides a wide range of investigative and corporate security services including, but not limited to: assessing security vulnerabilities; designing appropriate physical security systems for offices, factories or personal residences; providing executive protection; responding properly to natural or man-made crises; planning security at special events; conducting investigations to include internal fraud and due diligence; and addressing violence in the workplace. Our staff members and associates come to the private sector with significant investigative and security experience in the FBI, DEA, CIA, U.S. Secret Service, state and local law enforcement, emergency management, the military and the corporate world, some with particular professional engineering expertise in integrated security systems design.

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Network of Professionals

Intelliquest has secured strategic alliances with other well-established, security-related companies that exhibit similar corporate philosophies, have a proven industry track record, and have employees who meet Intelliquest’s high standards of performance. As a result, Intelliquest has significantly enhanced the number of available experts, as well as the overall types of available expertise. This “one-stop shopping” approach to security enables Intelliquest to provide solutions to virtually any corporate and/or private request for assistance and do so in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Combined, Intelliquest personnel and our strategic alliance partners have unequalled experience and expertise in numerous security-related areas. These areas include: corporate security planning and analysis, risk analysis, crisis management and contingency planning, command and control, executive protection planning and operations, complex investigations, kidnap and ransom response and consultation, integrated security systems design and analysis, and anti-terrorism consultation and analysis.

And, we can provide these services in almost any country in the world.