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IntelliQuest has extensive experience with all of the Security Services offered. Select a service from the list to the left to see a few examples of past projects as they relate to each service.

Strategic Risk Management

crisis management


Have extensive experience conducting complex investigations and interviews with respect to ongoing as well as post incident situations that address such areas as internal or external theft, theft of proprietary information and intellectual properties, intentional and accidental contamination of products, copyright and trademark infringements, fire and arson cases, and many other types of matters for corporations among the Fortune 500 Companies as well as small and median sized companies and private individuals.

Conducted long term corporate undercover investigations concerning intentional sabotage, theft in the workplace, workplace violence, drug use and sales in the workplace, sexual harassment, theft of proprietary information and intellectual properties for Fortune 500 Companies as well as smaller entities.

Conducted multiple investigations both nationally and internationally for runaway, missing children, parental abduction cases, missing adults, kidnap ransom cases, mysterious or unexplained death cases. (In 2005 participated in the investigation of the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba.)

Conducted multiple electronic countermeasures investigations (de-bugging) that include corporate office environments, corporate residential environments, governmental buildings, private residences, private jets and planes, locations for meetings, and all types of automobiles and other transportation vehicles and vessels.

Conducted multiple domestic/family law related investigations that include child abuse, child custody, infidelity cases, spousal abuse and asset location services pre and post divorce.

IntelliQuest Consulting, Inc. has dedicated crews and specialized equipment that support all aspects of surveillance from physical surveillance to electronic surveillance. Surveillance is an often overlooked and underestimated tool for discovering intelligence. IntelliQuest Consulting, Inc has the equipment and the experience to successfully complete almost any surveillance request.

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