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Have You Considered A Crisis Response Plan?

Survey after survey indicate more than half of the medium size and large companies, to include those with international operations, do not have a crisis management plan even though threats and documented acts of terrorism continue to increase.

Although the risk may be less domestically, local terrorism spawned by international groups also has become a reality in this decade.

Would your organization be prepared if it became a victim of extortion? If a key senior executive was kidnapped or detained in the Untied States or in a foreign country? If a significant corporate facility was damaged by a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake?

While the probability of such an incident may seem too remote to worry about, waiting until such an episode occurs is no longer an acceptable alternative.

Risks For The Unprepared

When calamity strikes, the loss of life, property, customer confidence, trust in corporate leadership, employee morale, and intellectual assets, coupled with adverse publicity and potential litigation, will be far more costly than the precautionary expenditures of time, effort, and financial resources to develop contingency plans to deal effectively with an event you hope never happens.

Intelliquest’s prime concern, while working with you and your key executives, is to develop security plans and procedures designed to prevent or at least mitigate crisis situations. This can be done by implementing a comprehensive crisis management plan and training key personnel. Ideally, our efforts would be focused on prevention, preparation, and training.

Should an incident occur, however, Intelliquest personnel have the experience required to provide expert advice to organization officers and family members with regard to law enforcement and other emergency management requirements and crisis procedures, including negotiation tactics and operational strategies, for the duration of the incident.

Crisis Management Plan Components

What components should a well-prepared organization incorporate in its crisis response plan? First, it is important to recognize that the initial plan need not be a perfect instrument. Instead, it is a living document that will evolve over time.

However, without a crisis management plan, attempting to “wing it” in an emotionally charged atmosphere is, at best, a daunting task, and, at worst, a formula for disaster.

Not all of the elements identified below are necessarily appropriate for every organization, but they are listed to provide a comprehensive overview of the options available to Intelliquest’s clients. The recommended components:

Preventative Steps

At the same time, preventive steps to reduce your vulnerability and lessen your chances of becoming a victim should involve consideration of:

Intelliquest brings extensive expertise to the field of security planning and analysis, crisis management, command and control, and risk analysis. In addition, Intelliquest’s relationships with members of law enforcement, intelligence, and military communities in this country and around the world can be utilized to assist you in providing corporate security plans and operations, contingency plans, preparation of crisis management plans and operations, executive protection plans, kidnapping and ransom, extortion and anti-terrorism consultations and analysis.