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What To Look For In A Corporate Security Services Firm

Security concerns run the gamut – from protecting executives, to designing appropriate physical security at offices or factories, to protecting intellectual property, to responding properly to natural or man-made crises, to addressing violence in the workplace. Security concerns know no boundaries – they present themselves both domestically and internationally.

Unless your organization frequently deals with these concerns, it is unlikely that sufficient in-house resources have been allocated to address your security issues. One alternative is out-sourcing.

By entrusting a comprehensive corporate security service firm to enhance your existing in-house capabilities, you will be positioned “ahead of the game.” When a situation arises in which a particular expertise is required, or when the sophistication and magnitude of an event (or series of events) would otherwise outstrip your staff, you’ll have a solution in place. It can be the equivalent of an insurance policy.

Comprehensive corporate security service firms such as Intelliquest not only have a substantial staff with credible reputations for accomplishing results in a variety of intelligence, investigative, law enforcement, auditing and security related areas, but also have associates who can further support your needs.

When looking for an appropriate firm to partner with, identify capabilities for providing specialized assistance in these areas:

Crisis Management

Crisis Management entails a wide variety of potential crises, ranging from product tampering, internal fraud and industrial espionage, extortion or kidnapping of employees, to natural disasters. Crisis Management support should provide both training and on-site involvement. Training should be designed to prepare clients, in advance, to deal with various crises. On-site service provides assistance dealing with a crisis after it has developed and, where appropriate, establishing and maintaining effective liaison with the law enforcement, prosecutorial, and consequence management agencies that frequently are involved in these situations.

Executive Protection

A corporate security service firm should assist its clients in producing realistic threat assessments, then formulating appropriate plans to deal with those potential threats. It should conduct security surveys of workplaces, residences and/or any other pivotal locations to increase individual and organizational safety and to minimize risk. It should also be able to provide cost effective physical protection based on your requirements and commensurate with your risks.

Kidnapping Investigation/Hostage Recovery

In a kidnap or hostage situation, it is essential that you can count on critical guidance and effectively liaise with investigative and prosecutorial agencies. It is advantageous to consider a corporate security service firm with personnel who have extensive experience in directing and conducting kidnapping investigations, both in the United States and in foreign countries.

Major Events Management

Major events range from national conventions to Olympic Games, to board of directors’ meetings, and to executive travel in potentially hostile environments. Safe and efficient management of these events warrants planning, direction, and execution.

Physical Security

A corporate security service firm should conduct security assessments of homes, offices, factories and other facilities to identify security vulnerabilities. Those surveys identify potential problems or actual breaches in every aspect of physical security, from perimeter protection to internal access controls.

Workplace Violence/Sexual Harassment

A corporate security service firm should offer training in dealing with workplace violence, designed to significantly increase the safety of your employees in offices, factories, or other work places. It can assist you in educating your work force on sexual harassment issues, including establishing guidelines for personal conduct, setting high standards, and investigating allegations quickly, thoroughly, and impartially.

Forensic Technology

A corporate security service should offer a broad range of information security services, including vulnerability analyses and threat assessments, countermeasures protection, and on-site information security training.

Experience And Expertise

Intelliquest has former senior officials from the FBI, DEA, CIA and state and local law enforcement on staff or as associates. They constitute a team that is highly qualified in a wide range of corporate security services. Staff members have specific experience in domestic and international counter-terrorism, drug matters, hostage rescue, kidnap/ransom and extortion matters, Olympic Games security, intelligence and investigative operations worldwide, and physical security issues. We have a cadre of former U.S. military special operations personnel who can provide specialized expertise as needed.