Security Services

security services

IntelliQuest provides a wide range of corporate security services. We are the perfect solution when your in-house resources are limited. Let us create a custom solution for your business. Select a service from the list to the left to learn more about each offering.

Strategic Risk Services

For large companies with existing security departments, we can train and support security leaders and help develop and implement tools and processes that will enable them to lead your business in better understanding and acting on early warning, managing strategic risk more effectively and preventing incidents from becoming crises.
For small to medium size companies, we will help create simple processes and implementation tools, supplemented with expert assistance where needed, to help management teams better understand and respond to early warnings, manage strategic and operational risk more effectively and prevent incidents from becoming crises.   Intelliquest can also host your company’s security risk service, providing regular reporting on signals and risks and facilitating incident response.

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The primary concern of Intelliquest Consulting, Inc. (Intelliquest), while working with you and your key executives, is to assist you in enhancing security plans and procedures to minimize the risk of kidnap/hostage situations, extortion, malicious product tampering or any number of other natural or man made crisis situations. This can best be done through the development of a comprehensive management plan and training. Our efforts would be focused on prevention, preparation and training. However, should an incident occur, Intelliquest personnel have sufficient experience to provide expert investigative support and advice to you and your corporate principals with regard to law enforcement procedures, to include tactics and operational strategies, for the duration of the incident.

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Physical Security

Intelliquest conducts security assessments of homes, offices, factories, and other facilities to identify security vulnerabilities. Those surveys identify potential or actual breaches in every aspect of physical security, from perimeter protection to internal access and electronic countermeasures protection; and, we offer realistic solutions.

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Major Event Management

Intelliquest personnel assist in safely and efficiently managing security for special events. We bring years of international experience to planning, direction and execution of the security aspects of those events. Intelliquest's staff has provided input to the security planning for every Olympic Games since 1984.

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Executive Protection Services

Intelliquest assists its clients in producing realistic threat assessments and formulating plans to deal with those threats. We conduct security surveys of workplaces, residences, or other locations to increase safety and minimize risk. We also provide cost-effective physical security, based on our clients' requirements and risks.

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Senior Leadership Training

Intelliquest has provided leadership training to senior law enforcement, fire, EMS and EMA personnel regarding management of multi-jurisdictional, critical incident events, including weapons of mass destruction incidents.

We ensure our training curriculum meets the current Department of Homeland Security standards for the National Incident Management System and the National Response Plan and that it is interesting and challenging.

Our instructors are experienced former law enforcement, fire, military and emergency management professionals with substantial, career-length, operational experience, who can prepare senior leaders for the complexities of managing a large critical event.

We have been particularly effective in identifying and working with key executives to encourage their participation, shape the curriculum to meet our clients’ needs, and improve their collective abilities to respond to a critical incident.

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RQA/Catlin Underwriting Agencies

RQA, Inc.,, who provides world class services to the food, beverage, personal care and consumer products industries, has engaged IntelliQuest to provide pre-incident support and crisis response in the Malicious Product Tampering (MPT) and Extortion insurance lines in North America for its client Catlin Underwriting Agencies LTD (Catlin)

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